A Story Of Rising From A Fallen State.

Fallen Angel Book Review 

Fallen Angel is a heartrending and mind-blowing story of a girl whose early years of misfortune catapults her into a life she had never envisaged. The story, set in the southern part of Nigeria and in one of the biggest mega cities in the world, Lagos- centres around the life of a girl named Eno whose early years is filled with dreams and optimism. Her life begins to take the negative bend down the slope when her father is involved in a road accident and loses one of his legs. When her father dies, the penury in her family becomes unbearable and her mother gives in to the temptation of selling Eno off to Akpan in marriage. Akpan’s expectation is shattered when he discovers that Eno is not a maiden and he begins to treat her spitefully.

Eno begins to experience a series of emotional and physical trauma in the hands of her husband who rapes and hides her unfeelingly like a slave. Eno becomes heavy with pregnancy, but Akpan’s maltreatment is not discontinued, rather it is intensified one day, he almost got her killed. However, Eno luckily is hospitalized and Inyere, her husband’s formal girlfriend becomes her saviour. Inyere helps Eno to escape from the tyranny of her husband, and they both flee to Lagos where Inyere introduces her to a job, and though falling in love is a taboo in that kind of job, Eno falls in love anyway. But, being haunted by her despicable past, she has to get back the sort of life she has always dreamed for.

Fallen Angel is a great story with a lot of bolts from the blue and suspense. The author brilliantly chronicles the life if a girl whose life is attacked by the cruelty of fate and ill-luck but who fights to get back the life she had always wished to live. The language of the story is pretty simple and approachable and for a narrative, it is quite anesthetically endowed and well sequenced. Anyone who reads this book would not certainly have a reason to regret.

Author Bio

Queenbee Aurora is a Nigerian author born in 1991, in Lagos, Nigeria. She writes in the romance and crime genres. Her stories have been published on notable blogs and other online spaces.  ‘Break Free’, a flash diction piece, was long-listed in the 2016 Etisalat Flash fiction contest, and her story ‘Seven Days to Live’ was also shortlisted in the Imbube Creative Writing contest. She lives in Lagos with her family from where she crafts beautiful life touching stories. When she is not writing, she is reading, cooking or crafting fashion designs on paper.

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